Walking not only repairs our inner organs, but also allows us to think more clearly and more creatively. It can even delay ageing of the brain. Walking can stengthen our muscles and our mind.

Welcome to Walk On Aotearoa (WOA), a social sustainability movement for those with a passion for plogging (picking up litter whilst out for a jog or walk)

WOA wants to inspire more people to walk with a purpose, to walk tall and to walk together with whanau and friends. WOA wants to inspire you to walk for your wellbeing (physical, mental, spiritual and social). WOA wants you to walk in a way that inspires others to follow.

WOA would love for you to take a walk around the pages of this website, starting with our beginners guide to Plogging and our introduction to the game of Plogga (Kerbside Cricket)