Welcome to the newly invented game of ‘Plogga’ (aka Kerbside Cricket).

The rules of plogga are simple. You award yourself a point for every piece of litter that you pick up from the pavement, kerbside/gutter and berm. You lose a point for every piece of litter you choose to ignore, walk past and leave for someone else.

It can be played individually or with others. If playing with someone else, you can either compete at the same time, choose different sides of the same road or devide your walk up into different sections.

The winner of plogga is the person with the most points once you reach the end of your walk.

If you’re really competitive (like me), you can award different points based on the type of litter picked up. For example;

1 point for paper and cardboard, including newspapers, magazines, drink cartoons, boxes.

2 points for all/any type of polystyrene

3 points for plastic, including sweet wrappers, straws, bags and bottles.

4 points for Glass bottles and Aluminium/Tin Cans, including crushed cans (just please careful of sharp edges, broken glass.

5 points for items of clothing or fabric, includng shoes and hats.

6 points for cigarette buds, batteries or other metal objects (e.g. screws, nails).

My new year’s resolution for 2020 is to obtain at least 20 points on 20 different occasions each and every month of the year.