Point2Point Plogging is a little different to your everyday plogging! This page explains why and how. It also provides anyone thinking about organising their own Point2Point Plogging experience with five easy to follow steps (pun intended)

Most of the “ploggers” that I have met this year appear more interested in the amount of rubbish removed from a particular area (e.g. a beach, park or street), rather than the distance covered during the activity. This is not a criticism! These wonderful people can easily spend a couple of hours bending down and standing up, without moving further than 100 metres. They fill bags and bags before going home to sort through it all and dispose of it correctly, seperating the recyclable objects from those that need to go to landfill. I have nothing but admiration for these people. But is that really plogging, or just rubbish collection?

There is a reason however that my new website is called ‘Walk On Aotearoa’, not ‘Plog on Aotearoa’. There is a reason that I speak about the health and wellbeing benefits of ‘Walking Tall’ (i.e. walking on together with hope in your heart). The pride that I have found accompanies the concept of Walking Tall comes from the fact that you can look back at everywhere you’ve been and rest assured that, even if you only picked up one or two pieces of rubbish, you have still made that small part of Aotearoa a little cleaner/safer for those who follow in your footsteps. The hope that occupies my heart is that others will see what I have done, thank me for my efforts and find themselves starting to pick up things that they see on the footpaths and kerbsides. Maybe the people will one day think twice about throwing that piece of rubbish out of their car window or speak up the next time they see a friend or family member fail to dispose of a piece of rubbish into a rubbish bin? Maybe this article will inspire you to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ the Plogging NZ facebook page? I live in hope.

Point2Point Plogging is all about the positve wellbeing attached to walking together with family and friends (new and old). It’s about meeting new people and making new friends whilst maintaining a 10, 12 or 15 minute kilometre pace (that’s 6, 5 or 4km’s an hour). It’s not about the plogging (picking up litter whilst walking). It’s ALL about the benefits of walking for your psychosocial wellbeing.

Point2Point Ploggers are encouraged to talk whilst they walk tall, which inevitably means that you will not be able to pick up every little bit of litter encountered on the route. And, do you know what?… that’s okay… for you need to leave something for those following in your footsteps!

How to organise a Walk On Aotearoa Point2Point (P2P) Plogging experience in five simple to follow steps:

  1. Pick a distance that you want to walk (a starting point; a finish point).
  2. Pick a date that you are free, and one that is likely to appeal to others.
  3. Pick a desirable starting time (not too early, not too late)
  4. Pick a charity that you’d like to help (maybe create a give-a-little page).
  5. Pick a platform to promote your P2P to as many people as possible.

Please post on the WOA Facebook page if you want/need help to plan or promote a plogging or P2P plogging event.

The second WOA P2P will be in Auckland on Sunday 22nd December, to celebrate the Summer Equinox/Solstice and the start of the holiday season.