The Steptember 2019 Point2Point30 from Space

#P2P30 is an urban plogging challenge aimed at those wanting to make a positive difference to their local community, whilst also getting some exercise and engaging with other likeminded individuals.

Thanks to a small group of students from the New Zealand Institute of Sport, the first ever WOA Steptember Point2Point30 (#P2P30) took place on Sunday 29th September, 2019. Twelve ploggers set off from Point Chevalier’s Coyle Park at 10am. Four arrived at Point England Reserve around 4.15pm. Two walked the whole 30km.

There was no medal or certificate for entering and nothing for reaching the finish line. The prize was the sense of self-fulfillment and pride in what had been achieved. This was evident in the faces of those who walked tall that day.

The route taken is shown below.

The first 10km was from Coyle Park to Silo Park. It took us just over 2 hours, including a quick rest stop in Westmere (shops) and Westhaven (Point Erin)
From Silo Park we walked past Hobson Point and towards Bastion Point, stopping briefly at the Ports Of Auckland at 1pm to say goodbye to one of our ploggers, Nigel Ironside.
Having rounded Bastion Point just before 2pm, we walked up to Achilles Point, reaching the lookout at 3pm. The view was amazing!
From Achilles Point, we walked across Glover Park, around Churchill Park and through Roberta Reserve along the lower bush track of Tahuna Torea Reserve.
Finally, as the clock struck 4pm we entered Wai O Taiki Nature Reserve and followed the new footpath into and across Point England Reserve, where – at around 4.15pm – we were met by family and friends and the NZIS Support Crew.

For photos and videos, please visit the WOA Facebook page for some photos and videos taken at various points during the day.

The WOA give-a-little page was live for 30 days and raised over $700 for the following charities.

Steptember @,

Sustainable Coastlines

OKE Charity