#P2P30 is an annual 30km walk right through the heart of Tamaki Makaurau, from Point Chevalier Beach to Point England Reserve. It takes place on the first day of daylight savings, which this year is Sunday September 27th.

The walk will begin at 10am at Coyle Park, Point Chevalier. It will end in Point England Reserve on the banks of the Tamaki River. Much of the first kilometre is spent on the sand of Point Chevalier Beach. From there, the route passes through the inner city suburbs of Westmere and Herne Bay. It heads under the Auckland Harbour Bridge (Point Erin), through Westhaven Marina, Silo Park and the Viaduct Basin. It covers the full length of Tamaki Drive, past Hobson Point, around Bastion Point and up to the scenic lookout located at Achilles Point, St Helliers. The final hour is spent deep inside the three nature reserves that hug the edges of the Tamaki River (Roberta, Tahuna Torea and WaioTaiki).

It is a free event for walkers and ploggers alike. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to raise some money for a very worthy cause; the Cerebral Palsy Society’.

You do not have to walk the full 30km and you do not have to pick up a single bit of litter if plogging is not your thing. You can also start and end anywhere along the route.

In keeping with the rules of Alert Level 2(.5), we will be limiting groups to no more than 10 people and having them setting off in 10 minute intervals. Face Masks will be required for all. Gloves are a must for those plogging.

Should we find ourselves in Alert Levels 3 or 4 then the event will not go ahead has planned. Participants will instead be asked to partake in a morning of local Point2Point plogging, staying in your bubble and within walking distance of your home.

The inaugural NZIS Point2Point30 (#P2P30) took place on Sunday 29th September, 2019. Twelve started. Two walked the whole 30km, arriving at Point England Reserve around 4.15pm have comfortably plogged at a pace of just over four kilometres an hour (1km every 12-15 minutes). For photos and videos of the 2019 event, please visit the WOA Facebook page.

In 2020, all we wish is for our entrants and supporters to pay/donate at least $30 to the charity that normally runs the Steptember Challenge; the Cerebral Palsy Society . To donate, please go direct to the charity and acknowledge ‘Walk On Aotearoa’ under the heading “Gift on behalf of”

To register your interest in plogging this year’s Point2Point30: Steptember, please visit the event set up on the WOA facebook page.