Dr Wright has dreamt up a series of annual plogs for the people of Auckland. Once WOA is established within the Queen City, he plans to expand into the other urban centres of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

From 2020, the Steptember Point2Point will occur every Stepember, to raise awareness of this charity and to celebrate the day we move our clocks forward. It starts at 10am in the picturesque Coyle Park, Point Chevalier and finishes up roughly six hours (exactly 30 kilometres) later at Point England Reserve, overlooking the mouth of the Tamaki River.

From 2021, there will hopefully be an opportunity for participants of the Steptember P2P to continue plogging for about another four hours (20 kilometres), crossing the Tamaki at Lagoon Drive, heading along Rotary Walk up through Farm Cove, Half Moon Bay, Bucklands Beach to finish at Musik Point. That’s a 50km (roughly ten hour) distance!

The 10 hour Point2Point Plogging Challenge… coming soon!

The first ever Summer Solstice P2P is scheduled to take place on Auckland’s North Shore on the longest day of 2019, Sunday December 22nd. It will start at Stokes Point Reserve (Northcote Point) at 10am and finishing four hours (20km) later at Blair Park, Stanley Point. All going well, it will become an annual event for people looking to walk tall within their local community and ploggers looking for something to do the weekend before christmas.

The inaugural Winter Solstice P2P will take place on Sunday 21st June, 2020, also on Auckland’s North Shore. It will start where the Summer Solstice P2P ends; Blair Park, Stanley Point. It will start at 10am and finish roughly six hours (exactly 30km) away at the postcard picturesque PiriPiri Point (Google it!).

The Head 2 Head 130 (#H2H130) will be a relay event held for the first time in April 2021, on the weekend of Day-Light Savings, starting in Torpedo Bay at the base of North Head, looking out across the entrance to the Waitemata Harbour. The final destination for teams that enter this event will be South Head, 130km away at the southern entrance of the Kaipara Harbour.

In 2022, WOA will then introduce the Head 2 Head 200 (#H2H200), a route that starts all the way out at the lighthouse on Manukau Heads and finishes within eyesight of the start line, albeit on the other side of the entrance to the Manukau Harbour (Wing Head). Once established, these two events will operate in tandom, occurring biennially on the autumn April weekend when the clocks are turned back, giving entrants an extra hour to enjoy their endurance plogging experience.

More details can be found by clicking on the following links;

Point2Point30 – Point Chevalier to Point England

Point2Point50 – Point Chevalier to Musik Point

Head2Head130 – North Head to South Head

Head2Head200 – Manukau Head to Wing Head