The Summer Solstice Point2Point (from space)

Point2Point Plogging is a little different to your everyday plogging!

Walking Tall inevitably means that you will not be able to pick up every little bit of litter encountered on the route. And that’s okay… you need to leave something for the ploggers who follow in your footsteps!

Point2Point Plogging is ALL about the wellbeing of walking tall with your friends, family and fellow ploggers. The removal of other people’s rubbish from the kerbs, pavements and berms is optional, as opposed to an obligation.

Point2Point Ploggers are encouraged to talk whilst they walk, whilst also trying to maintain a pace of between 4 and 6 km an hour (between 10 and 15 minute kilometres).

The starting point for the first Summer Solstice Point2Point is Stokes Point Reserve, located next to the Northcote Point Ferry Terminal on Auckland’s North Shore. Unlike the Point2Point30, our finishing point on this occasion – Stanley Point’s Blair Park – is visible from the start.

The date of this long distance plogging event will be Sunday December 20th, 2020.

The total distance from starting point to finishing point is 20km. The event will start at 10am and participants will be free to choose how many kilometres they want to cover and/or how many kilograms of rubbish they want to clear from the kerbs, footpaths and berms.

The route is documented below. it is largely flat and involves plenty of urban parks and suburban footpaths.

The first hour will see the point2point ploggers make their way through Northcote Point to AUT North Campus, Akoranga Drive.
The route then crosses State Highway 1 and heads into Takapuna, before turning south towards belmont.
The final 10km will see the ploggers walk around O’Neills Point and into Devonport before turning west towards the finish line in Blair Park, Stanley Point.

Please visit the WOA Facebook page if you’d like to know more!