Point2Point Plogging is ALL about the wellbeing of walking tall with your whanau. Point2Point Ploggers are encouraged to talk whilst they walk, whilst also trying to maintain a pace of between 4 and 6 km an hour (between 10 and 15 minute kilometres).

The starting point for the Point2Point15: Summer Solstice is Erin Point Park, located next to Auckland’s Harbour Bridge. The finish point is Achilles Point, 15km away in St Heliers.

The date will be the Sunday closest to the Summer Solstice, which occurs just before Christmas Day every December. The event will start at 10am.

The route is documented below. it is largely flat and involves plenty of urban parks and suburban footpaths.

The first 5kms
Hobson Point (9km)
Finally, Bastion Point to Achilles Point

Please visit the WOA Facebook page if you’d like to know more!