From Kauri Point, Birkenhead to O’Neils Point, Bayswater

Point2Point Plogging is ALL about the wellbeing of walking tall with your whanau. Point2Point Ploggers are encouraged to talk whilst they walk, whilst also trying to maintain a pace of between 4 and 6 km an hour (between 10 and 15 minute kilometres).

The P2P15 Winter Solstice starts at the Chelsea Sugar Factor, Kauri Point and finish at O’Neills Point at the Bayswater Marina, a walk of 15km. The date is the Sunday closest to the Winter Solstice, which occurs every year at the end of June.

The first 5km takes ploggers through the heart of Birkenhead and into Northcote Point. A more scenic route can be taken through Le Roys Bush, accessed at the top of Hinemoa Street (opposite Birkenhead Library) and exited at Little Shoal Bay Reserve by the bowls club. Slightly shorter distance, but the steps will make up for it.
From Northcote Point, the route heads around the Onopoto Domain and Tuff Crater towards the AUT North Campus. Again, walkers can take the scenic route through Tuff Crater, avoiding College Road. This path can be accessed via McBreen Avenue or further along Exmouth Road, before you reach Deuxberry Avenue. The path comes out in the business park next to Northbridge Retirement Village.
After crossing the Northern Motoway on Esmonde Road, the final 5km to O’Neills Point includes a mix of walking tracks, suburban streets and the main route to the Baywater Ferry.

More details to follow.